The Hendon Co-Ordinated Charities Fund

The Hendon Co-Ordinated Charities Fund is a committee affiliated to the Hendon United Synagogue & raises money mainly from members of the Shul by way of an annual subscription of £20.

The purpose of the fund is to help members of our community who need financial assistance, particularly in these difficult times.

Whilst the help is given mainly at Pesach & Rosh Hashanah, we react very quickly to deserving cases at any time of the year.

Our comparatively small committee carry out this work very discreetly & from time to time Rabbi Ginsbury who is our President mentions the work of the Co-Ord from the pulpit, both from the aspect of members advising us of any deserving cases or asking members to join by paying £20 per year by way of subscription.

By way of an historical note, this committee was instrumental in raising the money & establishing the Ella & Ridley Jacobs Home in Church Road Hendon.