Choir (men only)

The Choir is one of the oldest and most beloved institutions of our synagogue. Ours is one of the few Shuls today that takes genuine pride in preserving the nussach and traditional melodies, which truly makes it a unique and remarkable experience.

Luminaries as Chazzan David Koussevitsky, Rev. Moshe Korn and conductor/composer Lionel Leigh were giants in Jewish choral music and are firmly rooted in the history of our community. Currently Mr Eliot Alderman, a chazan, is the choirmaster.

In our choir, we encourage a diverse range of voices and ages. Our youngest members are still attending primary school, whilst our eldest member is approaching his 90th birthday!

If you enjoy music, have a passion for singing and would like to contribute to the community by singing with us one Shabbat a month, please do not hesitate to approach me. I look forward to welcoming you to our choir in the very near future!