Mini Seudah Sh’lishit

Each autumn, the changing of the clocks heralds a number of activities designed to keep members spiritually and nutritionally entertained over the long, cold afternoons and evenings that lie ahead.

Among these is the ‘Mini Seudah Sh’lishit’ – the customary third Shabbat meal – where a group of young and old join together to sing some traditional melodies, enjoy a drink or two alongside some tasty morsels, share some humorous banter and listen to some words of wisdom from one of our Rabbis or a guest speaker.

The shadows quickly lengthen and, before we know it, the time has come to chant Grace After Meals and then the psalms that lead us into Ma’ariv, Havdalah – and another working week.

Those who attend the Mini Seudah regularly can attest that they come away suitably refreshed and well prepared to face the coming days in the best possible frame of mind. They also enjoy taking it in turns to set the tables each week and in sponsoring a Seudah to mark a happy or less happy occasion – or just because they like to be part of this unique, intimate and thoroughly democratic gathering!

We look forward to seeing you next October!