Hendon United Synagogue welcomes all applications for membership the only requirement being that the application has to be submitted with the appropriate supporting documents and to comply with the requirements of the United Synagogue.

If you are new to the area please contact us, calling to the Synagogue office or contact us by email to receive further information. Feel free to contact any member of the Executive or Board of Management to discuss your membership.

Membership of Hendon United Synagogue is not only about enjoying the facilities provided and the range of activities that takes place but also getting involved and being part of the community so that you become a member in the full sense of the word.

We look forward to welcoming you at any of the activities and if you are a new member please make yourself known to any of the event organisers or Executive or Board of Management. Once a year a reception is hosted by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Ginsbury for new members who have joined, to welcome them into the community and to give new members a chance in an informal social atmosphere to meet members of the Synagogue lay and religious leadership.

We have a New Members Pack which can be obtained from the Synagogue Office free of charge and please once you have it use it as a reference and as a guide to the facilities that we have and the activities that are available for you to use.

We look forward to seeing you, to welcome you and to having you as an integral member of our community which can be your community as well.