Hendon Community Cares

Hendon Cares aims to organise, record and promote the care of those of the Raleigh Close community who need some form of assistance or support, and to do this largely by the voluntary efforts of members of the congregation.

Our Rabbi and Rebbetzin have set up a small group to create and oversee these processes, chaired by Jo Wagerman, with the expertise of Michael Kaye and the services of our Co-ordinator Ruth Shebson.

Regular valuable services to fellow congregants include organising teas, transport, hospital visiting, home visiting, shopping, shiva organisation and support, and much else. We value  existing support while searching out unmet needs or those newly arising. We record, co-ordinate and monitor the needs of our congregants, to avoid gaps or repetition, and to ensure on-going help. All our information and action is completely confidential. We are fortunate to have the funds to meet all of these needs.

In addition we record any who are willing and able to offer any form assistance to others, occasionally or regularly.  We believe there are quite a few of us who could be added to this number, and we shall be approaching more and more people with this aim. We can provide advice and guidance to any who would like to help, but feel as yet unprepared.

Ruth Shebson, our Co-ordinator works in the Shul. Her task is to keep our data base active, accurate and of course absolutely confidential.  She responds to calls for help, calling on our volunteers.  You can see how essential it is for us to have a wide range of volunteers to call upon. Ruth’s contact details are below so please do contact her and offer your help.

Ruth’s no is 07513 286374. She is in the rear of the Bet Hamidrash on Monday 12.30pm to 4.30pm and Thursday 10am to 2pm.

Please do contact her and offer your help.

Please do contact Ruth and offer your help if you would like to assist in the work of Hendon Community Cares, or would like more information on the services on offer.

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