Shabbat morning services

Hendon United Synagogue caters for all ages.

Raleigh Close Under Twos (RCUTs)

This is for mums and tiny tots and meets every Shabbat morning from 11am – 11.30am in the Community Centre. This provides new mothers with an opportunity to smooze and let their kids play on a soft play area and chew on their Shabbat lunch. There are also high-chair, baby changing and other baby-friendly facilities.

Ages 2-4 parents and toddlers service

This takes place in the Community Centre and provides young children with an interactive, sing-along service led by different parents each week.

Ages 4-7 service

This takes place every week in the Aviva Hardman Hall and is led by a parent assisted by the children. This is aimed at children from reception upwards and is a great way to introduce and reinforce their Jewish practice learnt at home and school.

Ages 7-11 service

This takes place in the Community Centre and is facilitated by a parent but where children take more of an active role. The service provides a great stepping stone to the youth service and allows children to be more independent on a Shabbat morning. There is also a short, children-friendly discussion on the weekly parasha.

Youth Service

This takes place in the Community Centre and is aimed at those in the run-up to their Bat or Bar Mitzvah and in the years afterwards. Boys lein and daven and there is a separate discussion group for girls which takes place after leining. The service is co-ordinated by our Youth Directors, Gabriella and Ariel Fine, who can be contacted through the Shul office.