Shabbat morning services

Hendon United Synagogue caters for all ages.

Ages 0-4 parents and toddlers service

This takes place in the Community Centre 1st room upstairs left at 11.00 am and provides young children with an interactive, sing-along service led by different parents each week.

Ages 4-7 service

This takes place every week in the Community Centre upstairs, righthand classroom at 11.00 am and is led by a parent assisted by the children. This is aimed at children from reception upwards and is a great way to introduce and reinforce their Jewish practice learnt at home and school.

Ages 7-11 service

This takes place in the Community Centre downstairs, right-hand side (room 6) and is facilitated by a parent but where children take more of an active role. The service provides a great stepping stone to the youth service and allows children to be more independent on a Shabbat morning. There is also a short, children-friendly discussion on the weekly parasha.

Youth Service

This takes place in the Community Centre and is aimed at those in the run-up to their Bat or Bar Mitzvah and in the years afterwards. Boys lein and daven and there is a separate discussion group for girls which takes place after leining. The service is co-ordinated by Josh Silverblatt, see contact details below.

Children services contacts

Contact Abigail Hart to sponsor a Children’s Service Kiddush:
Contact David Masters for any other queries about the Children’s Services:
For CRP sign-off each Shabbat, please see Kathryn Fiddler (usually near the Aviva Hardman Hall before Children’s Services).

Youth service contact

Contact Josh Silverblatt on 07804 131845 for any queries about the Youth Service.