Yizkor Books

The 2016 – 7/5777 Yizkor Book is currently being put together. Completed forms must be returned to the Shul Office no later than Friday 15th July . Copies of the 2015 – 6/5776 edition are now available from the Office.

Friday night candle lighting times

Please note the correct times for the lighting of Shabbat candles, for members of our Community, during the summer. Obviously, they may never be lit later than the time when Shabbat itself actually begins. However, there is also an earliest time before which they may not be lit. This is especially relevant over the summer months when our Friday night service begins earlier than the earliest time for lighting candles and thus candles should only be kindled between the following times during the summer:

Friday 17th June: Between 7.37 pm & 7.45 pm

Friday 24th June: Between 7.39 pm& 7.45 pm