‘Adolescents and Addictions’ Talk at Hendon United Synagogue

Hendon United synagogue recently hosted Jacob Barr, who lectured on the topic of “Adolescents and Addictions”.

Jacob Barr is a psychotherapist with an MSc in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy who works with many adolescents and is also a member of the all parliamentary committee on cannabis and children.

In a hard-hitting lecture, Barr described the emotional and mental health issues which are affecting many of our teenagers across all areas of the Jewish community. He described how addictions like alcohol, drugs, gambling and pornography are becoming an alluring trap to many of our adolescents.  The audience were particularly gripped by when Mr Barr read out some graphic accounts of teenagers themselves recounting how they had been affected by these destructive behaviours. As well as trying to increasing awareness, he also discussed how to recognise the onset of a problem as well as including the latest research and techniques to help parents to prevent these issues arising.

The audience were extremely interested and expressed their wish for a follow up session.