The Board of Management

The Board of Management is the governing body of Hendon United Synagogue which meets on average about every six weeks and serves a number of functions:

Review and scrutiny

The Board receives reports from the Executive about various matters that have been ongoing and through questioning and discussion the Board review the work of the Executive and where appropriate call them to account for decisions to be made or have been made.

Decision making

The Board is the ultimate decision maker of the community apart from resolutions at Annual General Meeting.  The Board can make significant and important decisions for the community both in terms of day-to-day matters and also strategically.


Board members have to take on a specific function within the life of the community with the aim to ensure that different parts of the community have a Board member to assist, and be present when activities are taking place.  The aim is to supplement those that are involved on a day-to-day basis with the organisation of various activities and in addition that the Board member also serves as a voice for that sector of the community at decision making level.

The range of portfolios that should be filled by members of the Board includes the following:

  • Communications
  • Hendon cares
  • Membership
  • Security
  • Premises and maintenance
  • Youth
  • Children
  • Fund raising
  • Education

Members of the Board are elected at the annual general meeting and serve for one year.

Current board members

  • Daniel Abda (Board Member)
  • Adam Baron (Board Member)
  • Rodney Berman ( Board Member)
  • Avi Friedman (Board Member)
  • Joel Minsky (Board Member)
  • Josh Sagal (Board Member)
  • Colin Savery (Board Member)
  • Uri Ullmann (Board Member)
  • Sue Pearl (Board Member)

In addition there are life members of the management team who have had their long involvement as lay leaders recognised by the community and they are:

  • Malvyn Benjamin
  • Shirley Bloch

Hendon United Synagogue also has representation on the Board of Deputies and members who are representatives are:

  • Marc Meyer
  • Naomi Landy
  • Malvyn Benjamin
  • Dinny Charkham

In addition, Hendon United Synagogue has representation on the Council of the United Synagogue and representatives currently are:

  • Marc Meyer
  • Naomi Landy
  • Andrew Mazin
  • Stuart Williamson
  • Avi Friedman
  • Sue Pearl