Rabbi and Rebbetzen Ginsbury

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Ginsbury

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Ginsbury

Rabbi Mordechai and Rebbetzen Judy Ginsbury have been the senior Rabbi/Rebbetzen at HUS since February 1999. Their warm, open, friendly and yet traditional approach endears them to all and the energy, vision and drive which they continue to bring to all aspects of Community life is central to HUS’s ongoing revitalisation and development.

Rabbi Ginsbury also serves as Principal of the local Hasmonean Primary School and Director of P’eir, the United Synagogue’s in-house training, support and networking facility for US Rabbis and Rebbetzens. P’eir was established in 2006 during Rabbi Ginsbury’s term of office as Chairman of the Rabbinical Council and he was formally appointed as its professional Director in 2009.

Rebbetzen Ginsbury has for many years been very active in promoting introductions between members of the Hendon and wider Jewish Community looking to find their ‘bashert’. She has facilitated many hundreds of introductions over the years, through the US’s S.A.M. (Strike a Match) programme and many happy Jewish families have resulted from her efforts. Rebbetzen Judy is a, if not ‘the’, key teacher at our Ladies SEED programme and her acclaimed Bat Mitzvah classes continue to be a vital point of focus in the provision of pre-Bat Mitzvah learning for the young ladies of our Community.

Whether catering our annual new members evening in their home, offering pastoral support of the highest quality, extending hospitality on Shabbatot and Yamim Tovim, delivering their regular Shiurim or engaging assiduously with all aspects of Shul programming and provision, the input of our Rabbi and Rebbetzen is second to none.

As Rabbi and Rebbetzen Ginsbury put it: ‘The vitality, diversity and dynamism of HUS ensure that we are kept fully energised and ever-young (we at least like to think so!). We feel privileged to be such an integral part of a Kehilla renowned as a corner-stone and beacon of Jewish life not just in Hendon but across the United Synagogue and way beyond. Our personal lives and those of our children and grandchildren have been enriched and enhanced through our period of involvement at Raleigh Close and we pray for many more mutually happy, inspiring and fulfilling years within this very special Kehillah’.

One of the most significant achievements of Rabbi and Rebbetzen Ginsbury’s tenure has been the recent completion and opening of the Central Hendon Mivkah, ‘Mikveh Eishes Chayil’, with which they have been greatly involved. Although run by a completely separate charitable trust, there is a strong positive interconnection between the Mikvah and the Shul, with the Mikvah already becoming a well-used and much appreciated ‘state of the art’ facility for the ladies of our own and neighbouring Communities.

The building of the Mikvah followed on from the 2011 – 2012 extension, reconfiguration and complete refurbishment of the Beth HaMedrash, Sol Cohen Hall, offices and other facilities, that whole wing having been named as the Hardman Wing in memory of our late and unforgettable Rev Leslie and Mrs Josi Hardman a”h. PG there will be more to follow as the Executive and our Rabbinical teams, with the partnership and support of the US centrally, turn their focus to the redevelopment of the main Shul and Community Centre areas.