Welcome to the the largest and most inclusive shul in Hendon.

Within our community you will find a full range of activities for all ages and lifestages within a vibrant, modern orthodox framework. This pack highlights just a few of the activities that take place regularly on the Synagogue campus and I am sure that you will find something here for you.

Our synagogue has served the community for over 60 years and has seen many changes both within our membership and beyond. Throughout that time, Hendon United Synagogue has adapted to meet its members needs in a huge variety of ways.

Weekly Parsha



Terumah presents us with the challenge of being inspired as much by the seemingly mundane as by the lofty heights that we have just scaled in our relationship with HaShem.

Having crossed the sea, received the Torah and said ‘ Na ’ aseh Ve ’ nishma ’ (‘ We will do and we will listen) (Shemot 24:7), we read the intricate details describing the building of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) and its individual vessels. Even more of a reality check is the requirement of taxes and donations.

The hard question has to be asked: What is our motivation in learning these apparently archaic aspects of architecture and economics?

The truth is that there are more than principles of building and finance at play here. This is the Torah, whose role is to teach us not just lessons in DIY and fundraising but also deeper lessons for life.

Let us then rephrase the original difficult question: What lessons for life can we gain from reviewing the construction of the Mishkan?

Consider one example: v ’ serach ha ’ odef – ‘ the overhanging part ’ (ibid 26:12). This refers to the overlay of 2 amot (cubits) between the curtain of the Tent and that of the Mishkan, which draped it on the left and right.

This shows us the significance of the ‘ overhanging part ’. It is like the blanket that more than covers the body so as to give us extra warmth at night; the kind word or gesture of hospitality to the Shul visitor; the extra touch of sympathy towards the poor or bereaved. Whether one gives much or little is irrelevant; one should just give unstintingly.

The Rabbis coined the phrase lif ’ nim mishurat haDin (‘ beyond the strict letter of the law ’). So let us learn from the philosophy of v ’ serach ha ’ odef and be not only good Jews, but a little bit more.

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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Ginsbury

Rabbi Mordechai and Judy Ginsbury joined Hendon United Synagogue in February 1999. Prior to this they had spent nearly 14 years as Rabbi and Rebbetzen of the Prestwich Hebrew Congregation in Manchester.

During their tenure with us they have endeared themselves to the Community with their warm, intelligent and welcoming approach and have enhanced and furthered Hendon’s reputation as a dynamic and vibrant Kehilla.

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