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Within our community you will find a full range of activities for all ages and lifestages within a vibrant, modern orthodox framework. This pack highlights just a few of the activities that take place regularly on the Synagogue campus and I am sure that you will find something here for you.

Our synagogue has served the community for over 60 years and has seen many changes both within our membership and beyond. Throughout that time, Hendon United Synagogue has adapted to meet its members needs in a huge variety of ways.

Weekly Parsha


SEDRAH REFLECTIONS BY RABBI JONATHAN SHOOTER (to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of his nephew David)

The Sedrah commands us, on discovering a nest, to send away the mother bird before taking its young or its eggs, ‘so that it will be good for you and will prolong your days’ (Devarim 22:7).
The Midrash says that one who has no children before performing this mitzvah is promised them afterwards as a reward. This is alluded to in the beginning of the above verse: ‘You shall … take the young for you.’ Although the basic understanding is that after sending away the mother, one can keep the young, it can also mean that one performing the mitzvah will ‘take’ for himself (i.e. be rewarded with) young.
How can the Midrash say this, when the verse explicitly talks about long life being the reward? The Ksav Sofer (d. 1871) answers that in fact there is no contradiction: the two rewards are really the same. It is inferred from the Gemara (Nedarim 64b) that one who leaves children behind him is considered as if he has not died. Through his children, his memory will last throughout the generations. This is the intent of the Midrash: if you have no children, HaShem will give them to you, and through them the verse’s promise will be fulfilled. The ‘prolonged days’ will be through descendants.
This thought is particularly appropriate for a Bar Mitzvah – the acceptance of liability for performing all the mitzvot. The Torah and mitzvot that we perform are our key to success not only in this world, but in the next. When parents impart Torah true values to their children, who in turn will transmit it to their children, they are ensuring that whilst the physicality of this world does not last forever, they will live on through the merits of their children staying true to Torah values, and will merit an eternal life.
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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Ginsbury

Rabbi Mordechai and Judy Ginsbury joined Hendon United Synagogue in February 1999. Prior to this they had spent nearly 14 years as Rabbi and Rebbetzen of the Prestwich Hebrew Congregation in Manchester.

During their tenure with us they have endeared themselves to the Community with their warm, intelligent and welcoming approach and have enhanced and furthered Hendon’s reputation as a dynamic and vibrant Kehilla.

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