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Within our community you will find a full range of activities for all ages and lifestages within a vibrant, modern orthodox framework. This pack highlights just a few of the activities that take place regularly on the Synagogue campus and I am sure that you will find something here for you.

Our synagogue has served the community for over 60 years and has seen many changes both within our membership and beyond. Throughout that time, Hendon United Synagogue has adapted to meet its members needs in a huge variety of ways.

Weekly Parsha



‘See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no god with Me, I kill, and I make alive, I wound and I heal … Rejoice O nations, with His people …’ (Devarim 32:39, 43)
This Shabbat, on which we read Ha’azinu, falls between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, as it does in most years, and it is worth reflecting on what our desired state of mind should be over this period.
The Sfat Emet (d. 1905), one of the Gerrer Rebbes, refers to the above verses, and understands that the first applies to Yamim Noraim, where the books of life and death lie open before G-d; while the second hints at the final redemption and can be applied to Sukkot. The Sfat Emet bases his understanding of G-d’s ‘kill[ing] and mak[ing] alive’ on an Aggadic source which explains that this means that G-d merely ‘kills’ the spiritually wasted part of ourselves, together with the effects of the
yetzer hara (evil inclination), and ‘brings to life’ our inner essence. There is thus a process of refining the souls of the Jewish People in this period, and therefore we should accept service of HaShem with joy at this time. We should believe that we have been cleansed of our sins, and in fact to the extent that we were pained and bitter over our sins, so can we now be joyful, in the knowledge that they have been forgiven: this is the true simcha that we experience over Sukkot (Z’man Simchateinu).
May we take the inspiration and purification of Yamim Noraim with us, to have a truly blissful Succot.
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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Ginsbury

Rabbi Mordechai and Judy Ginsbury joined Hendon United Synagogue in February 1999. Prior to this they had spent nearly 14 years as Rabbi and Rebbetzen of the Prestwich Hebrew Congregation in Manchester.

During their tenure with us they have endeared themselves to the Community with their warm, intelligent and welcoming approach and have enhanced and furthered Hendon’s reputation as a dynamic and vibrant Kehilla.

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