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Within our community you will find a full range of activities for all ages and lifestages within a vibrant, modern orthodox framework. This pack highlights just a few of the activities that take place regularly on the Synagogue campus and I am sure that you will find something here for you.

Our synagogue has served the community for over 60 years and has seen many changes both within our membership and beyond. Throughout that time, Hendon United Synagogue has adapted to meet its members needs in a huge variety of ways.

Weekly Parsha



“Isaac went out to pray in the field towards evening” (Bereishit 24:63)

The Talmud uses this verse to teach us that Isaac established the Mincha (afternoon) prayer. Tosafot points out an apparent contradiction. Elsewhere the Talmud refers to Mincha as Abraham’s prayer. If Isaac instituted Mincha, why is it referred to as Abraham’s prayer? Tosafot answers that after Isaac established the prayer, Abraham took it on, and it is therefore also referred to by his name. This sounds a bit strange.

Who cares if Abraham ‘davened’ Mincha? It was still Isaac who had established it! Surely it should be known as Isaac’s prayer?

There is an interesting anomaly with the Avot (patriarchs). While we know a great deal about their early lives, we know very little about their later lives. Why is it that their latter years are shrouded in obscurity? It seems that the title ‘Av’, used in relation to our patriarchs, means that they had an impact on the formation of the Jewish people, but this title only lasted as long as that impact was active. Once it was over, their relevance in terms of the purpose of the Torah was no longer there. The Torah is not a history book, nor is it a book of biographies. When Isaac became the ‘Av’, Abraham was no longer an Av.

Isaac established Mincha as an Av. Even Abraham was required to follow his son’s institution. In calling it Abraham’s prayer, the Talmud is informing us that Isaac impacted not only future generations but also Abraham.

When a boy becomes Bar Mitzvah and grows into a Ben Torah, it is he who becomes the standard-bearer of the Jewish people going forward. It is a tradition that began with Abraham and Isaac, and it continues to this day.

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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Ginsbury

Rabbi Mordechai and Judy Ginsbury joined Hendon United Synagogue in February 1999. Prior to this they had spent nearly 14 years as Rabbi and Rebbetzen of the Prestwich Hebrew Congregation in Manchester.

During their tenure with us they have endeared themselves to the Community with their warm, intelligent and welcoming approach and have enhanced and furthered Hendon’s reputation as a dynamic and vibrant Kehilla.

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