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Within our community you will find a full range of activities for all ages and lifestages within a vibrant, modern orthodox framework. This pack highlights just a few of the activities that take place regularly on the Synagogue campus and I am sure that you will find something here for you.

Our synagogue has served the community for over 60 years and has seen many changes both within our membership and beyond. Throughout that time, Hendon United Synagogue has adapted to meet its members needs in a huge variety of ways.

Weekly Parsha


SEDRAH REFLECTIONS BY BENJAMIN SILVERBLATT, on the occasion of his Aufruf and forthcoming marriage to Shoshi Goldstein.

In this week’s Sedrah, we are introduced to Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Menashe, later to be chosen by their grandfather Jacob as role models for all future generations. What was so special about Ephraim and Menashe, two characters about whom we know very little, that to this day we continue to bless our sons to be like them? We bless our daughters to be like the Imahot (matriarchs), so why don’t we bless our sons to be like
the Avot (patriarchs)?

Many commentators explain that Ephraim and Menashe were the first Jews to be born and brought up outside Israel and in a predominantly non-Jewish environment; and that, despite the temptations of their Egyptian surroundings – where the societal norms went against everything they believed in – they remained true to their beliefs. We therefore bless our sons to show that same commitment to faith, despite the hostile surrounding culture.

Another classic explanation for blessing our sons to be like Ephraim and Menashe is that they were the first Jewish siblings to get along with each other. Chief Rabbi Mirvis notes that Bereishit can be called the book of the dysfunctional family. In the world’s first family, Cain killed Abel; Abraham’s family had Isaac and Ishmael; Isaac’s had Jacob and Esau; Jacob’s had Joseph and his brothers.

However, when Joseph’s younger son Ephraim is placed before his older brother Menashe to be blessed, there is no jealousy or hatred. We therefore bless our sons to emulate this relationship.

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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Ginsbury

Rabbi Mordechai and Judy Ginsbury joined Hendon United Synagogue in February 1999. Prior to this they had spent nearly 14 years as Rabbi and Rebbetzen of the Prestwich Hebrew Congregation in Manchester.

During their tenure with us they have endeared themselves to the Community with their warm, intelligent and welcoming approach and have enhanced and furthered Hendon’s reputation as a dynamic and vibrant Kehilla.

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